obesity and corona


How to take care of yourself during COVID time?

By now we all know that Obesity and overweight are the common problems that lead to adverse outcomes related to COVID 19, and we all should understand this to control risk factors for severe disease.

COVID-19 causes beta cell damage, decreased insulin secretion and a cytokine storm that builds on a chronic inflammatory condition already present in the setting of obesity and diabetes.

This is a lethal storm that leads to hyperglycemia in COVID-19, endothelial dysfunction and multi-organ damage.

What we can do?

Be vigilant -Wear a mask while going outside, stay at home as much as possible, wash your hands regularly, maintain social distance, and pay attention to sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

Focus on diet – Plant-based diets with decreased energy intake but high in antioxidants and polyphenols recommended to decrease cardio vascular risk, but also play a role in potentially lowering risk for COVID-19 adverse outcomes.

Possible benefit of vitamin D– Research on vitamin D suggests low vitamin D status is associated with risk for intubation and COVID 19- related mortality. Here Vitamin D supplementation has shown some benefits.

Focus on controlling blood pressure and blood glucose with the help of regular medications.

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