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Dr. Sudhir Anant Jadhav is a reputed Bariatric surgeon in Pune who has dedicated his life, work and career to Bariatric Surgery, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and General Surgery. He practices at Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Nagar Road, Pune, Shri Hospital Kharadi With over 9 years of extensive experience.

Sometimes our Weight becomes unmanageable and we are unable to reduce it by exercise or dieting. This poses a really severe risk to our fitness and well-being and can lead to various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and so on.

In such a condition, people often feel frustrated and helpless and try out various things to decrease weight but nothing seems to work. There is no need to feel such hopelessness anymore as Bariatric (Gastric ByPass) surgery is now available in Pune which will help you to not only lose weight but also prevent further weight gain in the Future! 

Dr. Sudhir Jadhav is a leading surgeon in different areas too such as General Surgery, Minimal Access Surgery, Advanced laparoscopic surgeries like Cardiomyotomy, fundoplication, right hemicolectomy, and hernia repair.

He also has over 10 years of experience teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students. having bariatric surgery greatly improves the quality of life of the Patient. It can improve mental health because being overweight often leads to problems like low self-confidence. Dr. Sudhir Jadhav is known for the best Bariatric Surgeon in Pune.

Bariatric Surgeon in Pune

Dr.Sudhir Jadhav

Laproscopic and Bariatric surgeon

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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgical procedures result in weight loss by either reducing the quantity of food that can be held by the stomach, causing malabsorption of nutrients or by combining both gastric restriction and malabsorption of nutrients.Read More »

Hernia Repair

A Hernia is defined as an abnormal protrusion of a tissue or an organ, most commonly the bowel through the wall of the body cavity in which it resides. Hernias are formed by an opening in the fibrous tissue which forms the abdominal wall i.e the fascia.Read More »

Gall bladder

The Gall Bladder is a small sized organ that is positioned right under the liver. This organ stores the bile which is produced by the liver.
When you consum food gallbladder everytime releases the bile & becomes flat like an empty rubber balloon.Read More »

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy which is also known as diagnostic laparoscopy is a diagnostic procedure which is employed to examine internal organs particularly those inside the abdomen. Laparoscopy has a tiny risk of causing bleeding and infection but this is very rare.Read More »

Lap Cardiomyotomy

Achalasia (oesoPhageal achalasia) is a condition where the smooth muscle fibers fail to relax, thus causing the lower oesophageal sphincter to be closed.Laparoscopic Heller Procedure (Cardiomyotomy) is an operation for achalasia of the cardia.Read More »

Hepato-Billiary Surgery

Hepatobiliary  surgery includes illnesses related to liver biliary system and pancreas which may be benign or malignant. Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery is used to treat cancers benign diseases like cysts, bile duct injuries and also treats the diseases of these organs.Read More »

Dr. Sudhir Jadhav on Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in Older Adults


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To get an appointment, you have to fill your details in the appointment section of our website. Our medical partner will get back to you to confirm the appointment date and the timing. If you are referred by different famous Bariatric Surgeon in Pune, he or she will be told about your treatment. You can also reach Dr. Sudhir Jadhav by calling his assistant on 93 59 446 447.

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Intolerance to some foods differs from one person to another one.
The most common problem foods include:
1. Pasta
2. Red meat
3. Soft pieces of bread
4. White rice

Yes, you can. Obesity or overweight makes it hard for any women to become pregnant, so bariatric surgery really helps at the time of fertility.
If you want to become pregnant, you should wait until your weight maintains and up to 18 to 24 months after surgery. because fast weight loss and nutrition insufficiencies can injure a developing fetus.

Best away! You can walk even while you are in hospital. But you have to do it slowly by taking advice to your bariatric surgeon. If you raise weights or do games, stay “low impact” for the initial month (avoid contest, think participation). Build slowly over a few weeks. If you swim, your wounds require to be recovered over before you get back in the water.


After Bariatric surgery most of the patients join to work in one or two weeks. You will have low energy after surgery and may require to have some half-day to rest or work every other day for your first week. Your Bariatric surgeon will give you clear guidance. most of the time office work required you to continue your work as soon as possible even if you can’t. Your safety and the rest are very important – low energy can be critical in some jobs.
Several patients are concerned about getting hernias at incisions. That is never difficulty from work or lifting. Hernias are more often the result of infection.  if you do hard work you will not feel better.


Obesity-related difficulties will recover after weight loss surgery it involves the following:

1.Type 2 diabetes
2.Obstructive sleep apnea
3.High cholesterol
4.Urinary incontinence
5.Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
6.High blood pressure
8.Degenerative bone disease or orthopedic problems
9. Asthma

After gastric bypass surgery, many people can expect to lose between 66% and 80% of their excess body weight. Most of this is lost within one or two years.
After gastric banding, people lose 40% to 50% of their excess weight, typically within the first two years later the surgery.

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