All you need to know about Hernia

Hernia specialist in Pune

All you need to know about Hernia

Hernias can happen to anyone. Worldwide, more than 20 million patients undergo groin hernia repair annually. There are as many types of hernia surgeries as many surgeons are there. Each one has his or her modifications for the type of hernia. As long as two of the most basic criteria are met, any type of surgery is considered equally good to the other. The two criteria are safety of the patient and efficacy.

Any type of hernia surgery whether laparoscopic or open should be safe for the patient. Secondly, by efficacy, we mean that the recurrence rate for that particular repair should fall according to the worldwide recurrence rate for that particular surgery. Currently it is approx. 2.4% for open mesh repairs and 3.3% for laparoscopic repairs, however, it is observed that high volume centers performing hernia surgeries have still lower incidence of recurrences.

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