The issue of gaining excess weight has been growing exponentially ever since the time of modernization or we can say from the time of westernization. With changes in the eating habits, adequate or excess availability of food, around the corner availability of high calorie junk foods and reduced physical activity the OBESITY factor is ever increasing in our every household today. And it is a complete package. It brings lot many other associated comorbidities together with it. To name a few like Type II diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, joint problems, hyperlipidemia, sleep apnea, infertility etc. To add to the list we have the current pandemic (COVID) problem, where it has been shown that patients with obesity had more morbidities, ICU admissions and mortality than others.

But are we even ready to accept the issue of OBESITY. The answer is still a Big NO. Even in major metropolitan cities in highly educated households we still believe that having of excess weight is not a big problem. It is only a major social stigma and nothing beyond that. People are still ashamed to discuss this issue openly even with the physicians Even if few find the courage to discuss it with the doctors, majority would not accept it as a disease and are very casual with its treatment. Also, in spite of Bariatric/Metabolic surgery giving the best results compared to conservative methods people are not willing to accept Surgery as a treatment option for it. It has been proven that Bariatric surgery is the most scientific way of achieving weight loss in the long term along with remission of so many comorbidities, but people are yet not willing for this treatment.

The same surgery is being practiced for more than 5 decades in the western world and has given proven results, but somehow our Indian patients are just not yet prepared to accept it. They are willing to do anything else but not surgery. Comparatively, Surgery has its own better results when compared to conservative methods and provides better comorbidity resolution With so much advancement in the technology, surgery is done with small keyholes, takes hardly 1-2 hours and the hospital stay is also 2-3 days. This being said it gives good weight loss results and people achieve a better quality of life. However, any other surgery there few risk factors but the possibility of having complications is very rare in expert hands.

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