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Diet and Obesity

Diet is an important component of our lives. Our diet is dependent on our culture, religion, our location, socio economic status etc. but due to rapid urbanization and easy availability of energy dense foods (junk food/ unhealthy food), our daily diet has changed drastically over last couple of years. This has plummeted the problem of obesity manifolds more so in the urban areas as compared to rural areas. This is in addition to the sedentary lifestyles in urban areas [...]

Myths and Facts of obesity

What are the Myths and Facts of Obesity

Myths and Facts of Obesity : Obesity rates have risen over the past few years and hence myths and misconceptions about the disease have also increased. There are still many things which we don’t know about the exact causes or the best way of managing obesity. But we should know more about the myths and facts of obesity. Following are the most common Myths and Facts about obesity  : Myth 1: Obesity is caused by poor lifestyle choices Most obesity programs blame obesity [...]